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upu.mohe.gov.my - IPTA Results

upu.mohe.gov.my - IPTA Results

Can’t wait to further study after your boring school life? If you had applied via upu.mohe.gov.my previously, you must be one the eager candidates. Assuming that you’ll get accepted into your selected university, some of the people out there (including some of you reading this), won’t get accepted.

Well, check your admission to local university at upu.mohe.gov.my.
It comprises a checking for the:

  • SPM leavers
  • STPM leavers
  • Rayuan Lepasan STPM
  • Rayuan Fasa 1 Lepasan SPM
  • Rayuan Fasa 2 Lepasan SPM
  • Diploma Pendidikan
  • Sarjana Perubatan

Not to worry, if you can’t be accepted to the local university, try a private university. However, it require a hell lot of money. Unless you’ll be going there with a scholarship, that another story. Some lucky fella with their parents working in some sort of big GLC like Petronas and TNB will get a chance for a fully sponsored scholarship.

But if you’re parents is well-educated, well-prepared and money is not a problem, go to the overseas university. You may choose United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan etc.

Below is the Top 20 University in the World, according to ARWU.

Harvard University USA

Stanford University USA

University Cambridge UK

University California – Berkeley USA

Massachusetts Inst Tech (MIT) USA

California Inst Tech USA

Princeton University USA

University Oxford UK

Columbia University USA

University Chicago USA

Yale University USA

Cornell University USA

University California – San Diego USA

Tokyo University Japan

University Pennsylvania USA

University California – Los Angeles USA

University California – San Francisco USA

University Wisconsin – Madison USA

University Michigan – Ann Arbor USA

University Washington – Seattle USA

If you can’t decide which college/university to enter, refer below:

Deciding the best college for yourself is one of the most important decisions of your life which will shape your future. Here are some simple tips on how to choose best online colleges and universities:
1.) Decide what subjects you want to pursue. Many students get confused regarding the subjects they would want to study. But once you narrow down your planning to which subjects you wish to study, it becomes one step easier to choose the right college.

2.) Decide on the location of the college. One you decide what subjects you want to study, next step is to decide on the location of the college. Even if you find a good college a little away from your place do not hesitate in joining it if it is offering you your desired course and is well reputed.

3.) Find out the reputation of the college. The reputation of your college is the most important thing. To find out the reputation of a college, it’s advisable to cheek the cut off list of the college, if the college has higher cut offs, it indeed is a well reputed college.

4.) Check out the subjects available. See carefully if the subjects you wish to pursue are even available in the college or not. One golden rule is to give priority to the subjects rather than the college of your dreams or a highly reputed college. It is always important to study your desired subjects rather than studying in a reputed college with subjects that you don’t have your interest in.

5.) Talk to the teachers. The teachers in the college can give you proper information and guide you well through the entire journey so talk to the teachers and find out how friendly they are.

Read the rest of 6-10 at bestcollegecourses.com

Additional Notes:

For instruction to check your admission to the university, you can refer here.

Below is the quote from the link above:

Calon boleh membuat semakan secara online di

Calon boleh telefon di talian 03-88835858 atau 03-88835848

Calon boleh menggunakan sistem pesanan ringkas (sms) dengan menaip UPU RESULT ke 15888.

Jika calon ingin membuat rayuan, sila menggunakan aplikasi e-rayuan di upu.mohe.gov.my.

Chern Chiang shares the grieves that no applied and related courses given while Naurah says it’s totally sh*t. Wardah shares the excitement and Wan waiting for the appeal.

You can always refer to the List of University in Malaysia via Wikipedia.

What about study loan?

Try PTPTN. They have a lot of choices with only 1% interest and 4% maximum.

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nurashidah bte zainal anuar February 3, 2010 at 3:36 pm

i’m in dilemma but whatever it is my first option would always be biotechnology…and by the way,thanks for helping me out here…

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maybe u should help me in financial prob..

SITI JAMILAH BT MOHAMAD February 12, 2011 at 12:51 pm

memohon melanjutkn pelajaran ke ipta yang sesuai.

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saya tak sempat nak cetak permohonan untuk anak ,bagaimana

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i like this page…

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sya nk semak keputusan kemasukan ipta

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bila keputusan upu keluar

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klu dah terima matrikulasi, permohonan upu batal ke ???

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when ipta result will came out………..pls send me the ans quickly

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Anak saya pun tak tau lagi, dapat masuk ke idak….!

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bila keputusan kemsukan ke ipta nak kuar ….
sye da wat melalui sms pun da …..

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bila kepuputusan kluar

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bila keputusan upu keluar

nor ainsyah binti mahari May 11, 2011 at 6:32 pm

saya nat semak keputusan ipta

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cm ner nk check poly???

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